About Me

Find time to nourish yourself with the pieces of this world that feed your soul

Hi, I’m Lorna

So many women find themselves in the depths of motherhood.  This can hit no matter what stage of motherhood you are at.  Life can feel so unfulfilling and you ache for more!  But guilt creeps in, days roll into one and suddenly you can’t find the capacity or headspace to make the change you so desperately crave.

I am an accredited Self Discovery Coach, Meditation & Breathwork Teacher for mums who want to ditch the overwhelm and self-doubt, release mum guilt, gain confidence and live a life of balance and joy where you can flourish in Motherhood.


My Story

Throughout the years I struggled with my confidence, self-belief and self-worth.  Having periods of overwhelm and burnout, at times life seemed so hard and out of balance. I strived to be this perfect mum, a perfect mum that I had envisaged in my mind.  Striving for this perfection only led to huge pressure and when something didn’t quite go to plan, I put this all on me.  I felt like I was failing as a mum, I wasn’t good enough and compared myself to others.

I was working long hours, spending time away from my children and family, putting other people’s needs before my own. I had lost control of my life and ultimately lost my spark.

I had known there was more to me and life shouldn’t feel this hard, if only I could be more confident, believe in myself and step into my authentic self!

It wasn’t until a year after the tragic and sudden death of my mum in 2018 that I became more curious about Personal Development.  I initially sought the support from a Counsellor, but it was working with 2 amazing Life Coaches in 2020 that was a turning point in my life and the best decision I ever made.

I felt so supported and began the journey of discovering me, looking deep inside and working through those self-limiting beliefs that had held me back for so long.  Reality struck that I could take back control and create a life where I could flourish. I discovered the art of self-care and how to be kinder to myself.  I learned to navigate motherhood and life with more freedom, ease, confidence and self-love.

Why did I wait so long!

As I began to really believe in myself, I wanted to spread this to other mums.

I rediscovered my love for meditation and qualified as a Meditation & Breathwork Teacher in late 2020.

In 2021 I embarked on the journey to become an accredited Transformational Life Coach with Mindful Talent, graduating in July 2021.

I am continuing my learning journey studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Inner Child Healing.

I also continue to work with my own Life Coaches as I know there are many more way in which I can grow.

My mission as a coach is…….

To empower you to break-free from the whirlwind of motherhood and reconnect you with your passion, purpose and identity beyond being a parent in a way that’s ON YOUR TERMS.

To help you have a deep, positive relationship with yourself and learn what it really feels like to truly love yourself.

To guide you and give you the tools you need to release your fears and become your true self.

To encourage you to recognise the beauty of yourself and your own inner light.

And to inspire you to take what you’ve learned about yourself and implement it into your everyday life so you can start living a life that’s completely aligned with your heart.


Ready to become the best you?

Through my own healing journey and coaching qualification,  I can offer a unique service which means you can adapt to Motherhood far quicker than I did.

You don’t have to spend years not feeling good enough and full of anxiety. You deserve so much more.

I have been where you are now and understand the challenges faced through Motherhood.

Want to know more? Check out my Coaching Packages that will have you living your best life, for you and your family.

I can’t wait to start working with you!