Mama, get ready to ditch the overwhelm, reclaim balance and joy in your life and see yourself flourish


Does this sound familiar?

◊ You are feeling incredibly overwhelmed and burned out with everything on your ‘to-do’ list. This leaves you with little energy, no head-space and no time for yourself.

◊ You are too busy pleasing everyone else and tending to their needs that you often forget about your own needs.

◊ You compare yourself to other mum’s thinking they are doing a better job than you.

◊ You feel there is more to you than ‘just being a mum’.

◊ You have feelings of you are not good enough, you can’t cope and can’t see a way out. You often go to bed worrying and feel like you are failing as a mum.

Hi, I’m Lorna

I am an accredited Self Discovery Coach, Meditation & Breathwork Teacher specialising in supporting mums who want to ditch the overwhelm and self-doubt, release mum guilt, gain confidence and live a life of balance and joy where they can flourish in Motherhood.

I have developed strategies, tools and techniques for you to do all of this and more.  I can support you to be confident to believe in yourself, discover and love your true self and wake up each day feeling excited and energised with clarity and purpose.

No matter what stage you are at on your Motherhood journey, you truly deserve to make yourself a priority.

I would absolutely LOVE to help you reignite that light within you!


Life Coaching can help you to……

? Reduce anxiety & build resilience

? Improve relationships

? Find balance that’s right for you, your family and your work

? Take control of your life and mindset

? Get what you want out of life

? Improve goal setting and achievement

? Find out why you’re not happy

? Get to the heart of what is keeping you stuck & blocked

? Improve self-esteem and confidence

? Learn assertiveness

? Find your authentic voice

? Find your authentic happiness

? Find meaning and purpose

? Find ways to cope through difficult times

Are you ready to start your journey?

If you want to rediscover and reconnect to yourself in Motherhood, gain balance, confidence and joy in your life, I’d love to support you through one of my coaching programmes.


Kind words

Lorna is an absolute dream to work with and has brought me so far.  I have been able to take the action I have needed to get me nearer and nearer to my dream life with her support, encouragement and reminders of how far I have come


‘I have really enjoyed my sessions with Lorna.  From our first discovery call, Lorna held a safe and supported space. I was able to gain clarity on where I wanted to be heading, what my blocks and stumbling points were and tools to help me.  I have found love for myself again and I no longer feel guilty for making time for me.  As a result, I have a much better relationship with my teenage son'.


‘I can’t thank Lorna enough for the journey I have been on over the last ten weeks.  Being overwhelmed at work and busy at home, Lorna took me on a journey of self-reflection, realising what was important and giving me the tools to design what I wanted for the future. I have never felt more positive, productive and happy.’