Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked

How does coaching work?

cLife Coaching is a form of Personal Development.

As a professionally trained and accredicted Life Coach, I encourage, support, challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals. I am equipped with a “toolbox” of skills that allows us to explore and interpret your thoughts, help you process these and find clarity.

We will work through any blocks and self limiting beliefs, build on all of your strengths to create an action plan that can help you achieve your goals.

I also bring an element of mentoring to my coaching sessions.

I will go all in to champion you and motivate you. but making changes requires you to take action. To create long lasting change you  must be willing to think in new ways, break free from old stories and commit to putting the guidance into practice 



Where and when will the coaching sessions take place?

All my coaching sessions are held over Zoom.  This allows you to be anywhere in the world and no need to incorporate travel time.

I understand that as a mum, you are exptremely busy, time is precious and finding that time alone can be challenging.  This is why I offer a variety of times for my sessions throughout the week with sessions available some weekends.  There is no need for your sessions to be on the same day and time each week.

Some of my coaching programs offer Voxer support.  Voxer is similar to Whatsapp.  It is a messaging service that allows you to have additional support outside the agreed Zoom sessions.  Voxer support is provided during week days only between 9am and 6pm.  I will always aim to answer any questions sent through Voxer within 24 hours.

What happens if I can't make a session?

Life happens and I understand you may need to reschedule an agreed session.

I do ask that you give me as much notice as you can and that rescheduling is kept to a minimum.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans can be arranged and discussed at the time of booking.

Is coaching right for me?

If you are looking to take action to create change in your life.

If you are looking for support from someone who believes in you and who will cheer you on.  

If you are open to trying new things and consider new perspectives.

Then yes, absolutely coaching is right for you!

I feel nervous about investing in myself

For some people this will be the first time in their lives that they are considering taking time for themselves and that can feel scary.

In my own personal experience of coaching before I became a qualified coach, I can say that I wish I had invested in me sooner.

I had a self limiting belief that I didn’t matter and that I wasn’t worth it.  I had tried to make changes in my life but gradually I would creep back into old ways of working or letting self limitng beliefs take over.

Working with a coach allowed me to work through these blocks and barriers to help me create a life I desired for so long.

This could be the best investment you make.

There’s a quote I love “Nothing changes, if nothing changes”.

You can book in for a free no obligation Connection Call should you wish to discuss anything prior to booking any of my programs.


What will I have to do?

The best recipe for coaching is for me to bring 100% of my honesty, knowledge, experience, time, commitment and enthusiasm and for you to also bring 100% of your honesty, knowledge, experience, time, commitment and enthusiasm.

This will allow us to create the perfect coaching partnership.  

By commiting to the work we will do together, and you taking action, you will move towards your goal(s).

In return, I will provide support and encouragement and a non judgment and confidential enviroment to do this in.

What sort of people have Life Coaches?

People from all walks of live have invested in Life Coaches. 

The unifying trat that they all have in commom is the desire to change part of their life so they are happier. 

Can I get support in between sessions?

Yes, each program is delivered in it’s own unique way and details will be provided to you on how I can support you and keep you accountable in between each session.

You never feel alone during our coaching time together.

I'm ready to sign up, what happens next?

Once you are ready to sign up, you can book your sessions straight from my website, via email or through Instagram or Facebook.

I will send you a link to make your payment, either in full or part payment if we have agreed to a payment plan.

I will email you over a few documents for you to complete that allows me to prepare for our first session together. 

This email will also include a Coaching Contract for you to sign.

You are then on your Coaching journey.